Bill Calhoun - Piano Tuning, Repair, & Maintenance - Rhode Island, Massachusetts, & Connecticut


The Laurence family of Leicester, England, 1910
The basic price for a tuning is  $140 regardless of location.  Multiple tunings in one location are $140 apiece.

Tuning does not include repairs and adjustments.  Ninety percent of repairs and adjustments can be done in the home, during the tuning visit.  Repairs cost $70/hour; minor repairs often take 15 to 30 minutes.  If I think repairs will take more than an hour, I will discuss this with you before proceeding.

You do not have to schedule a tuning just to have a repair done - I will schedule for as little as a 5 minute visit, but there is a minimum fee of $35.

I provide free estimates for work, even over the phone, but a visit with the piano involves an inspection and a consultation, usually takes 45 minutes or more, and costs $70/hour.  Written and signed appraisals, estimates, and proposals are an additional cost.

Payment is expected at the end of a visit.  Payment can be made with cash or a check.  For institutions, a billing arrangement is possible, and should be made in advance.
William H Calhoun · Piano Technician