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Contact & Scheduling

The absolute best way to contact me is by using the form at the bottom of this page. When you hit "Send," an e-mail is sent directly to me.  You can also e-mail me directly at

You may try leaving me a voice message at my landline, 401-769-0555, but e-mail will get a much quicker response from me than voice mail.

I work as a full-time high-school physics teacher, so it may take a number of days for me to respond to your message, depending on how busy things are at school.  Please don't be offended.  Please feel free to bug me - email messages do get overlooked occasionally.

If your request is time sensitive, I will try to respond quickly; I deliberately leave gaps in my schedule to accommodate "emergencies."  But please provide the details in your message, and definitely use email.

During the school year I can book appointments for weekday afternoons, depending on your location.  I also schedule appointments for Saturday mornings and afternoons, some holidays, all school vacations, and any time during the summer months.

Because of work and traffic variables, it is not unusual for me to be a little late for an appointment; I will try to call if I am running more than 30 minutes late.

A tuning will take about two hours; repairs and adjustments are in addition to that.  I do not mind being left in the building alone.

You can send me a message using this form:


E-mail address:


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William H Calhoun · Piano Technician